In Which We Blog About Lynn Yaeger’s Imaginary Blogging About the Met’s Blog-Driven Show

lynn yaeger.jpgYesterday, we told you about “blog.mode: addressing fashion,” the new blog-focused exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which marks the institution’s first foray into the blogosphere (and they must be serious if they set the entire exhibition title in lowercase–how bloggy!). But not everyone is embracing the project with the alacrity of such exhibition blog commenters as Ron Mwangaguhunga, editor of our sister blog FishbowlNY, who calls the show “quite lovely.” Fashionista-About-Town Lynn Yaeger remains skeptical about this whole populist blogging-at-the-exhibition concept.

blog.mode.jpgIn her column in this week’s Village Voice, Yaeger explains that “after standing behind visitors at the Costume Institute over the years and being the unwitting recipient of their comments–frequently on the order of ‘My mother threw out something just like that!’ or ‘That would make me look fat!’–I am ashamed to say that when it comes to fashion commentary, some opinions are more valid than others.” She has a point, as evidenced by the many comments posted to the exhibition blog that mirror those Yaeger has spent years overhearing (e.g., in response to a pair of Manolo Blahnik boots spotted with Damien Hirst-style dots, many of the comments resemble this one: “LOVE them. These are super fab! I would wear them with all of my minis!”).

But when pressed to come up with some imaginary blog posts of our own, Yaeger is game:

…I might add that I remember the Comme des Garcons plaid dress at the entrance of the exhibit–the museum wall text says it “plays with the promise of the tartan as draped cloth”–when it was on super markdown at Century 21 last spring. And then I might admit that if there’s one person on earth, now that Isabel Blow has passed on, who would don the cork Chinese-village Philip Treacy hat on exhibit–it makes the wearer look like a cross between a diorama and a tacky lamp–that person is me.