In the Trenches with Yale Architecture Students Week After Week

We recently spent some time talking about the big numbers of applicants trying to get into the Yale School of Architecture and now we return to the scene to take a look at those lucky few who made it. Our friends over at Metropolis have just launched a great new online feature called The Yale Building Project, wherein a different student each Monday will report in on what they’ve been working on, how Robert A.M. Stern likes his coffee, and so on. The weekly blogging will continue out through August, giving you plenty of time to glean enough information and insider discussions to start telling people you went to Yale yourself and following up by saying you’ve just been working at the Red Lobster for all these years by choice. Here’s a bit from week one’s participant, Matthew Zych in his entry, “Chaos and Trust”:

No longer students yet not quite professionals, we are in a wonderfully chaotic middle zone between education and practice. Our class is responsible for the construction documents and permit sets to be submitted to the city zoning board and all shop drawings that will be used on the construction site. This presented the responsibility — a first for many of us — to resolve with complete certainty the grey areas of the building process we often try to ignore in school. (A vague response to questions about codes, building systems, and budget will not fly anymore.)