In the LAT: skid row, Vincent Gallo, basketball blogging

Steve Lopez’s series about life on downtown LA’s skid row (should ‘skid row’ be capitalized? My feeling is ‘no’) is, rightfully, getting a lot of attention and praise even from the paper’s more vocal critics. Today, Mayor Villaraigosa makes a cameo. Meanwhile, senior editor Richard Rushfield blogs from the Hollywood Film Festival, at which he consorts with tourists in from Winetka, IL, and ventures to the after-party at the Tropicana. The tourists are underwhelmed, even by Vincent Gallo, who apparently isn’t famous in Winetka. Maybe I’ll move there. In fact the tourists aren’t even impressed by the Tropicana– they act like it’s a typical poolside hotel bar. Hmmm.

Oh, and the LA Times has launched a blog about the Lakers. I don’t understand a word of it, but maybe you will.