In Russia, Ice Creams You | Everyone On Twitter Is Terrible | Poor Little Rich LA Times

Huffington Post: Newsweek Russia editor Mikhail Fishman did some blow and rented some hooker and it was all caught on video. Which is why we do not allow cameras at FishbowlNY.

Gawker: Are you prone to discuss your bowel movements on Twitter? Then you might be “An Oversharer” – one of the eight types of social media personalities described in this list. And I’m probably following you.

FishbowlLA: The Los Angeles Times‘ parent company may be bankrupt, but that’s no reason why its journalists shouldn’t show up to the Oscars in a limo provided by the company, right? Dude, this is exactly like that episode of The Office!

eBookNewser: Steve Jobs personally answered questions about the iPad from his iPad. One question left unanswered was “iPad? Like a… pad? Teehee.”