In Praise of Page Six

There were a few things in Page Six today to gladden our hearts, so we decided to give it its very own post.

First of all, nothing has cracked me up in a long time like “Touched By Ink-Stained Hands,” which Page Six reports is the name of a roman a clef by former in-house counsel at Bloomerg News Leslie Hendry about her affair with former NYT exec editor Howell Raines. He was 56; she was 33; their passion burned white-hot. Think prose by Scooter Libby.

Hilarious bits: the Bloomberg character is called “Maury Diamond” (love it), and apparently Howell is quite the tiger (the word “force” comes up a few times, but not “Panama hat”)(oh, my God. You have no idea how many “flooding the zone” jokes I have erased). Page Six provides a pic of Raines, which is the first I’ve seen (or recall seeing). I’m a little bummed, imagination is more fun. Unconsciously, I had imagined him like the bustling self-important Monopoly Man. But, as it turns out he does not have a big white moustache.

Other notables: Page Six baldly goes where they went in August, celebrating the Brazilian bikini wax with Eva Longoria, whose sex life I have read about in many magazines by now. Back in August it was “Bald is better“; today it’s “Bald is beautiful.” We like “Bald is bitchin'” for the next installment.

Finally, HOORAY! Page Six mentions our friend Ed Liang, whose ballet “This Mortal Coil” is currently part of the programme at Cedar Lake Theatre in Chelsea. Page Six reports Ed’s story that he came to ballet because as punishment for setting a fire with his toy science kit. We like to imagine that he stuffed his sister’s shoes with extra socks, ran seven blocks in nothing flat, and a star was born. Go Ed!