In NYC Test Run, People Actually Watched Mobile TV

Modeo recently wrapped up its mobile TV trial in NYC. They’re not giving a tremendous amount of specifics since they don’t want to anger the carriers. But here are some notes in the RCR Wireless News report:

– “Each of the six live TV channels–CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Fox Sports, Discovery Channel and E–scored higher than 70 percent in overall satisfaction,” according to Michael Ramke, the founder and CEO of Modeo;

– “Most viewers watched while commuting, waiting for appointments and during lunch and other breaks,” Ramke said in the article. “Viewership peaked on Mondays then remained fairly consistent through Thursdays before a significant drop-off occurred on Fridays, and viewership continued to decline through the weekends.”

– RCR Wireless reports that average use was around 23 minutes per session in the first few days of service, but eventually stabilized around an average 15 minutes per day.

It’s pretty obvious in retrospect, but it makes sense that people would watch mobile TV while commuting or waiting around with some free time on their hands during the day. No one is going to kick off their shoes, curl up with their phone, and watch a two hour movie at night. But they might watch that movie in bits and pieces throughout the day, whenever they have a few minutes to kill.

Modeo NYC usage stats show demand for mobile TV [RCR Wireless News]