In New Blog, Brian Wilson Warns Journalists to 'Double Check' Online Information

Former Fox News Channel anchor/correspondent Brian Wilson, who left the network in September, says he’s “still driven to write about things going on in the world” and has launched his own blog.

Wilson is writing BW’s Blog on the website of his new communications consultancy, Right Tone Communications.  

“My name is Brian,” he writes in the blog’s welcome page, “and I am a recovering broadcast journalist.”

He’s got three entries so far: two on politics, and one addressing the accuracy of online information.

“[M]any journalists don’t take the time to double check the facts of things they see on the Internet,” he writes. “While I see value in and applaud the movement toward responsible citizen journalism, there are a few things that must be said: Many bloggers are NOT reporters – they are ‘repeaters.’ The information they post is often unverified. Bloggers often hold strong opinions that color the things they write and repeat.”