In Memoriam: David Thibault

From CNSNews:

    “I feel great — much better than before I got sick,” wrote Editor-in-Chief Dave Thibault ten months ago. “Don’t worry about me being tired…I sense a miracle in the making. The power of prayer? Oh yeah, baby!”

    When Dave wrote those words, he was several months into his second battle with cancer. But this time it was leukemia, and this time it wasn’t the disease but the valiant efforts to cure him that killed him at age 49. Dave breathed his last at 6:55 AM, July 20, at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

    For those who knew him, the unwavering faith that sustained Dave throughout his long struggle is the true miracle. One colleague speaks for us all: “He was the most honorable man I have ever known, and his faith, integrity, character, vision, drive, and enthusiasm are an inspiration to me every day.”