In Letter, Domenico Montanaro Says “See You Soon, NBC”

NBC News Deputy Political Editor Domenico Montanaro is moving on to PBS, which is terrible, because there will be no more of these shenanigans:

Eh, actually, maybe change is a good thing…

Anyhoo, read Montanaro’s letter to colleagues about his departure after the jump…

I have read too many of these notes over the past seven years, and, now, I can’t believe it’s me writing one.

After two presidential elections, a lot of debates, conventions, and briefing books (plus a few deep-fried Snickers bars in Iowa), I am leaving NBC. And, no, it’s not because Andy Gross and I were finally swept up by The Daily Show.

I am headed to the PBS NewsHour as Political Editor/Senior Producer, Politics and Law, where I will head their political unit and lead their Supreme Court and Homeland Security coverage.

I will miss this place and everyone here tremendously. You are really the best in the business – from the producers and editors to the desk and field crews to the reporters and correspondents. I am lucky to have had you as mentors and call many of you good friends. A special thank you, of course, to Chuck Todd and Mark Murray. You’ve taught me more than I could have ever learned on my own, and I will continue to rely on you.

So, while me and Andy wait for Jon Stewart’s call, I will go and do this serious stuff. My 4-year-old Jack hates saying “good bye,” because it makes him sad. So I tell him to say, “See you soon.” I think this is one time I will take my own advice.

See you soon,