In Hollywood, These 5 People Are More Popular Than God

Our Father, Who Made E.T.?!

Yes, Blues Brothers fans — that was Steven Spielberg!

The Oscars bring out the best in Hollywood — and, at times, the worst in people.

The show is the paparazzi-snapping, indulgent speech-making Super Bowl. It’s also a time for giving thanks…and some people get more of those than others. While you listened to all those speeches (most of which got the “wrap it up, already” signal via looming elevator music), did you notice who received the greatest number of mentions?

In case you missed it, Vocativ talliedall 1,396 acceptance speeches currently archived on the Academy’s website to find out which members of Hollywood’s power elite can lay claim to the ultimate in Oscar bragging rights: most likely to be name-dropped.”

The results may surprise you — as in, people tend thank the hand that feeds them instead of the one that blesses them.

That’s right: five big movie moguls have been thanked more often than God.

  • Steven Spielberg — 42 times
  • Harvey Weinstein — 34 times
  • James Cameron — 28 times
  • George Lucas — 23 times
  • Peter Jackson — 22 times
  • And then God — 19 times

Those five men have collectively made 120 films, many of which rank among the most profitable in history. Given the fact that the last successful movie God produced was The Passion of the Christ, we can see why.

That said, church PR folks may have some work to do.