In Final Presidential Debate, Design Set to Share the Spotlight

Even before CNN decided to display the biorhythms of undecided voters at the bottom of the split screen, we found presidential debates unsatisfying. Sure, they occasionally result in Camelot, novel collective nouns (“binders of women”), and the further glorification of beloved muppets, but too often, the “debate” devolves into two people alternating between shouting bullet points at each other and grinning through gritted teeth. Hang on, design fans, don’t abandon the democratic process just yet. The final presidential debate, to be held Monday night in Boca Raton, Florida, will offer a couple of touches that are right of your creative alley.

Our friends at Mohawk, they of the fine papers, announced today that they’re behind the printed materials for the big event. The Cohoes, New York-based company provided the papers for everything from press releases and programs to car decals and commemorative posters at the request of Océ, a debate sponsor. And then there’s the venue itself: Lynn University’s Keith C. & Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, designed by Newman Architects. “The space is designed with flexibility in mind,” says Herbert Newman, whose New Haven, Connecticut-based firm was tasked with providing a facility that would serve both the University as a teaching environment as well as the community as an income-generating venue. “The design conveys a shared sense of participation of audience and performer.“