In Defense Of PR

It’s tough to work in PR. Your family and friends often think you’re a corporate shill. But PR isn’t always selling your soul to the man, and a new blog post from Praecare Public Relations may just give you the fodder you need to prove yourself at the next family gathering.

“Praecere is the agency-of-record for the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP). This amazing group parachutes the world’s best photographers into endangered and stunning sites to document what could be lost if a major development project in that area goes forward. Ideally, these images spur public outrage and action against the project…PR often gets knocked for being too consumed with products, widgets, and sloganeering. But the other side of the coin is that PR can be used to protect the environment, help defend the rights of indigenous cultures, and brand and grow an organization in the process. This is the side of PR often not covered or even discussed. If successful, we will stop a major pipeline project by a company with a horrendous track record of safety (or lack thereof) from destroying a place people rely on for their livelihoods.”

Is this a big secret? Course not, but Uncle Bob doesn’t necessarily know that. Now he does.

But of course for every PR person pitching social responsibility or environmental awareness, there’s another pitching a “revolutionary” new something or other that turns out to be just another gadget. And is that so wrong? We think not. If tech (or retail, or heck, even the oil industry) is what makes you want to get out of bed each morning, who are we to judge.

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