In Climate Change Video and Speech, Clinton Mum on Keystone XL

Renewables: yes. Keystone XL: ???

The reveal yesterday for the prologue to Hillary Clinton‘s climate change platform came in the form of a just under 3-minute video titled, Stand for Reality. Seconds into the tightly produced spot, Clinton delivers what must have been conceived as a standalone, attention-grabbing quote. “I’m just a grandmother with two eyes and a brain,” she says.

But back to the issue at hand, climate, which as far as issues go, could prove to be crucial. An April poll from ABC News/The Washington Post found that 58 of Americans think the issue is important, and 59 percent of Americans want a president who believes the government should take on climate change.

Clinton’s prescriptions are focused on tackling climate change by promoting renewable energy, hinting at the attendant jobs that will be created.

Missing from her plans to make America a “clean energy superpower” is any mention of Keystone XL, the controversial oil pipeline that climate scientist James Hansen has called “game over” for the planet if approved.

In a speech earlier today on her climate plan, Clinton avoided a question on the pipeline. According to The Hill‘s Timothy Cama, “She argued that because she served as President Obama’s secretary of State when the pipeline was under consideration, it would be inappropriate for her to comment.”

Watch the full video below: