In Case You’re Wondering Where All the News Went

We were going to title this post “Wonder What John McCain is Doing Right Now” except, probably no one is wondering that. As we write this Barack Obama is in Berlin doing his JFK/Reagan thing, however! maybe Obama supporters (the ones who can vote anyway, and full disclosure, that does not include us) shouldn’t get too excited just yet. Over at Swampland, Michael Scherer (who we think someone should offer a book deal to immediately following this election) says that despite the international Obama feier (that’s German for celebration according to our language widget) the American “liberal media bias” is not doing the Senator much good when it comes down to the numbers.

It seems that even though Obama has received almost triple the amount of network news coverage time than McCain, he is still only maintaining a six-point lead. Of course, there is an argument to be made that the group Obama is drawing the majority of his support from are people who don’t watch network news, meaning just about everyone under the age of forty, and as such this comparison is maybe not the best measure of things. Either way, we sort of think it’s hard to argue numbers with an image like the one above.