In Brief: The $11 Million Ford, Student Designs ‘Food Printer,’ Perfume for Booklovers

(Photo: RM Auctions)

• This sleek little 1968 Ford GT40 now holds the title of most expensive American car ever sold at auction. It fetched $11 million in spirited bidding at an RM Auctions sale held last Friday in Monterey, California. Built for the J.W.A./Gulf team, the car raced extensively throughout 1968 from Daytona to Le Mans. “Its genesis alone is the stuff of legends and the subject of countless books, summarized most succinctly as a failed buy-out of Ferrari by Henry Ford II,” notes the RM catalogue of Ford’s GT40 program, which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in March 2013.

• From a record-breaking Ford to…scent-captured food! An industrial design student at China’s Donghua University worked with Sony to develop a device she calls a “food printer.” Combining a camera with a smell extractor and a printer, it allows the user to photograph a food, capture its aroma, and then print out the image on a smell-infused postcard (wish you were here…to taste this!). The concept recently earned the “most-fun” award at a Sony-sponsored student design competition.

• If you’d rather smell like a freshly printed book than a foodstuff, feast your nose on Paper Passion. Created by Wallpaper* in collaboration with publisher Gerhard Steidl, fragrant bibliophile Karl Lagerfeld, and perfumer Geza Schoen, the bookish (and beautifully packaged) scent—a minimalist juice that includes ethyl linoleate and a selection of woody components to add dryness—is now available for pre-order from our friends at Aedes de Venustas in New York.

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