In Brief: Selling Andy Warhol, Feting Design Observer

A couple of quick news morsels before you settle in to watch the election returns:

uncle sam warhol.jpg⇒ Art dealer Richard Polsky has inked a deal for a sequel to I Bought Andy Warhol, the 2003 chronicle of his quest to acquire a Warhol canvas. The art world veteran’s new book, coming soon from Other Press, will be entitled I Sold Andy Warhol (Too Soon). According to Publishers Marketplace, it will focus on the shift in power from dealers and galleries to auction houses [cut to shot of Damien Hirst in a bathtub filled with champagne, skulls, and diamonds] and on Polsky’s own experiences selling his prize Warhol painting.

⇒ Whether or not your candidate pulls out a minimum of 270 electoral votes tonight, we can all celebrate the fifth anniversary of Design Observer. Michael Bierut, William Drenttel, Jessica Helfand, and the rest of the DO crew are throwing a party tomorrow at New York City club Element. The fun kicks off with cocktails and book signing at 7pm, followed by music curated by Kevin Smith (aka DJ Chroma), design/disco diva Debbie Millman, and Helevetica director Gary Hustwit. Because you haven’t lived until you’ve spent the night in a 19th-century bank building with Michael Bierut and a 36,000-watt sound system.