In Brief: Happy Illustration Week, Pollock in Pixels

  • As if this week’s contemporary art auctions (i.e., the Battle of the Warhols) didn’t offer enough excitement for New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has declared it “Illustration Week.” Translation: even more swell design events than usual, including tonight’s installment of the Art Directors Club‘s Festival of Fame speakers series, featuring the festive and famous Matthew Carter (note the unusually zestful serifs that mark him as a freshly minted MacArthur fellow) and Christoph Niemann, whose delightful dental embrace is pictured at right. Meanwhile, our friends at the Society of Illustrators are pulling out all the stops with tonight’s Illustrators Sketch Night, featuring music by illustrators-cum-jazzmen Barry Blitt, Joe Ciardiello, and Michael Sloan perfoming as The Half-Tones, followed by a Wednesday evening chat with the multi-talented Jules Feiffer. And on Thursday, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art welcomes Liza Donnelly, the subject of an exhibition on view through January 30 at the museum, who will chat with fellow New Yorker cartoonist Bob Mankoff about the differences between men and women cartoonists. Expect fisticuffs…a Derwent 4H makes for a suprisingly effective shiv.
  • Action painting? There’s an app for that! Painter and multimedia artist Miltos Manetas‘s much-loved DIY Jackson Pollock web and iPhone apps are now available on a larger canvas. Redesigned and optimized for the iPad, Random Pollock is “an interactive artwork that offers a Pollock painting experience,” according to Manetas. “Specially written dynamics software enables the user to actually throw the paint onto the screen of his iPad and/or iPod/Phone in a way similar to Pollock’s dripping.” Okay, maybe not actually, but users can virtually blot and splatter their way to AbEx-style masterpieces. Hey, is that Hans Namuth behind you with a Flip cam?