In Brief: Hearts and Stars

Old-school Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, pictured above, are no more.

  • It’s February 9. Do you know where your Valentine is? Tell him or her to tweet you with the help of newly reformulated Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. NECCO has given its classic candy a makeover for 2010, replacing the endearily chalky treats (all tasting of sugared paste) with softer morsels in a rainbow of flavors: strawberry, green apple, lemon, grape, orange, and blue raspberry. The bolder-hued hearts also offer updated messages, including “Text Me” and “Tweet Me.” But why stop there? Create your own Sweethearts and bestow them virtually upon the object(s) of your affections with the Sweethearts iPhone App.
  • Perhaps your Valentine would fancy a Jasper Johns flag painting? Plan ahead for May, when Christie’s will auction works from the art collection of the late Michael Crichton. In addition to the Johns (“Flag” from 1960-1966), big ticket lots will include works by Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, and Roy Lichtenstein.
  • Those inclined to stay-at-home shopping can check out the March issue of Lucky, which hits newsstands today. The magazine features Microsoft Tag technology within its editorial and advertising pages, allowing readers to instantly view original digital content on their smartphones.
  • Nostalgic for a day before smartphones and cutting-edge candy? Head westward for the Getty Center’s new exhibition of the beautifully moody photographs of Frederick H. Evans (1853-1943). On view through June 6, “A Record of Emotion” includes plenty of the cathedral photos that Evans is best known for along with his rarely seen landscapes and portraits of family and friends, including George Bernard Shaw. “Evans’ profile portrait of [Aubrey] Beardsley (whose career as an illustrator Evans helped launch) is a gem,” writes Leah Ollman in today’s Los Angeles Times, “the long upward line of the artist’s fingers, supporting his chin, answered by the cool downward gaze of his eyes.”