In a Tweet, Chris Cillizza Reduces a Reporter’s Assault to a Matter of an Election Win

And gets a lesson in morals

And gets a lesson in morals.
Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Things happen when you view politics coverage through the win/lose filter of the horse race. You can end up failing to give readers the information, on issues and policy, they need to make an informed decision. You can end up with a poorly developed understanding of the future implications, beyond win/lose conjectures, of election results. You can forget why it’s important a society preserve its moral compass. You can forget how to preserve your own.

In a perfect illustration, in miniature, of what it looks like when a member of the political press is stuck in the veil of the horse race, we present this tweet from CNN politics reporter and editor at large Chris Cillizza:

The answer to his question was a resounding yes, with some lessons on all the things worth contemplating that are so much more consequential than the fact that Republicans “bet right” on a congressional candidate who body-slammed a reporter.