IMUS UPDATE: Sopranos Actor Appears On Imus | Imus Says He Will ‘Make Every Effort’ To Hire Blacks | Advertisers Pull Out

Recapping the latest movement in the Imus imbroglio

Yesterday, Imus said he would “make every effort” to book and hire blacks for his embattled radio show. Meanwhile, the mounting boycott among advertisers and cautiousness by frequent guests didn’t stop Sopranos actor Steven Schirripa [above], a regular on Imus, from appearing on the show this morning to talk about the season premiere.

Three of the show’s major advertisers — Proctor & Gamble, Bigelow Teas and Staples — announced that they were dropping their sponsorship of the radio show.

Imus also denounced NBC’s Nightly News coverage of the controversy on Monday night’s broadcast as “disgraceful.”

Other notes:

  • Giuliani said he talked to Imus and considered his apology sincere.
  • Some are questioning Obama’s delayed response to the Imus scandal.
  • Al Roker called for Imus to be fired on his blog:

    After watching and listening to him this morning during an interview with Matt Lauer, Don Imus doesn’t get it. Maybe it’s being stuck in a studio for 35 years or being stuck in the 1980s. Either way, it’s obvious that he needs to move on. Citing “context within a comedy show” is not an excuse.

  • Conveniently, MSNBC’s two-week suspension means Imus will be back in time for May sweeps.
  • Keith Olbermann was told by NBC executives not to weigh in on the Imus story until after the Rutgers players have met with Imus.

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