Imus Flips Reporters The Bird


Words fail Don Imus. Instead, last night he let his finger do the talking. According to the salmon-colored weekly:

”Don Imus refused to speak to the press at Christie’s auction house in Rockefeller Plaza last night, where a fund-raiser for the children’s charity S.K.I.P. was being held, but the jock-who-shocked-too-much was happy to show his eight-year-old red-headed son, Wyatt, how to flip the bird.

”But before extending his exemplary middle finger before the young boy’s amused face, Mr. Imus was wandering around the art-filled galleries wearing his signature lonesome cowboy outfit: brown ten-gallon, mammoth belt buckle, holey jeans and weathered boots. A few feet behind his family, a bodyguard stood vigil over their every move.”

Charmed, I’m sure.

(image via chroniclejournal)