Imus Family Contributes To Harlem Green Health Center


Don Imus and his wife Deirdre have donated $250,000 for a green community health center that will be a part of the Boriken Neighborhood Health Center in East Harlem. From Newsday:

”Imus and his wife, Deirdre Imus, are helping to raise funds for the $12 million project in East Harlem, a neighborhood with one of the highest rates of hospitalization for pediatric asthma in the nation.

”’It is criminal that in a tiny place in the United States such as East Harlem you have one of the highest incidences of asthma and other related illnesses,’ Imus said in a statement.”

The new green health center, which will feature pure water filtration systems as well as less toxic cleaning products, will also house a new asthma treatment center.

(image via timeinc)