Imus Fallout: Was Wonkette Like “Imus”?

From CNN’s “Reliable Sources”:

    : [Y]ou wrote the Wonkette blog, you made fun of people, you often used foul language.language. Different kind of humor?

    ANA MARIE COX: I don’t know. I think that there’s a difference between being risque and being offensive. I think that it’s one thing to sort of talk in a racy way, or to make jokes about sex, and it’s another thing to insult, you know, entire classes of people. And while I do think that one thing that I did enjoy about the Imus show was that he did have the freedom for people to talk, as we all say, like normal people, to talk the way we might talk to each other in the green room, you know, there probably should be some boundaries for what you say on the air.

    And I think that, yes, it’s fine to sort of create a gray area. But, I mean, he went over the line in not just that, but as Philip Nobile and also Media Matters documented this past week, he has been doing this for a very long time. And the thing that I feel bad about is that I — is that I was aware of it and still went on the show, unlike Clarence, who at least tried to sort of hold him to account for that.