Improvements Coming To The Plume Twitter App

Despite Twitter’s efforts to the contrary, there are still a significant number of third party Twitter apps, and Plume is one of the more popular ones for Android smartphones. In a post on Google+, Plume developer Ludovic Vialle describes the features being developed that we can expect to see in the next release of the app.

In an effort to address timeline issues that exist in Plume, they are rewriting the component responsible for that part of the app. A new feature will be push notifications and real time updates within Plume. Presumably, as you have Plume open on your phone, you will see new tweets appear in the timeline automatically when they are posted to Twitter.

Looking further down the road, Plume plans to be more like Seesmic and include Facebook integration, and Vialle says they also intend to add Google+ integration. Integrating multiple social networks will enable users to post the same update to multiple social networks at the same time.

Vialle did not provide any information about when we can expect to see a new version of Plume, although he did make reference to a version currently in beta that is pretty solid, so I expect to see a new version within the next month, if not sooner.