How To Improve Your Vocabulary Using Twitter

How articulate are you? Well, this daily contest on Twitter will put your vocabulary skills to the test – and undoubtedly teach you a few new words while you’re at it!

Artwiculate is a “twitter-based Word-of-the-Day competition that helps clever people look clever and helps the rest of us learn new words.” Participants log in through Artwiculate’s website where they’ll see the word-of-the-day and its definition. They can then vote on tweets they feel offer the most creative use of the word and they can create their own tweets to share with their followers, attaching the #artwiculate hashtag. The winner is determined by whoever gets the most votes and retweets.

The words are usually pretty difficult, so don’t think you’ll just breeze in and win, smarty-pants. And plan to post early if you’re serious about winning or you likely won’t make it too high on the leaderboard. Make sure you spend enough time crafting your tweet to come up with something clever though – or you won’t have a chance. These folks are uber witty.

I’ve only participated twice so far. On this day the word was “Quahaug.” Yes, I’m a dummy and will not win:

Have you tried Artwiculate? Do you dare?

(Picture of woman thinking from Shutterstock)