Be There… Or Be Warmer

Our Sunday reporting slot is open. So… We were thinking of possibly covering Improv Everywhere’s 14th Annual No Pants Subway Ride, happening January 11 in New York and dozens of other cities.

From the organizers’ very thorough media information page:

We usually get dozens of requests by journalists to cover the No Pants Subway Ride in person each January. We appreciate the interest, but it is more important to us to keep the event about the participants and not make it a media circus. At its heart, the No Pants Subway Ride is still a prank performance and having professional still and video cameras all over the place can really ruin the whole thing.

We strongly encourage participation of everyone, including the media. As we say every year, “If you’re not here to take your pants off, you’re in the wrong place.”

Words to live by and, got it. Also according to the press page, Sunday’s event should in no way be confused with the “No Pants Day” that goes down every May 1.

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