Impressive Visual Search Engine

searchmeI know what you’re thinking: ‘I don’t need another search engine.”

While that might be true, if you haven’t taken SearchMe for a spin, what are you waiting for? It’s fast, efficient, and visually stimulating.What sets the search engine apart is that it lets you see what you are searching for. Just start typing and relevant categories will appear, all relating to query – as you type it.

Once your search is complete, you will be shown full Web pages of where your results reside. These can be toggled through, much like you would shuffle through programs on a Mac or albums on an iPhone.

What was originally a tighly-wrapped beta, the folks at SearchMe and finally loosening up the gates. New invites are being offered every hour. Just have your e-mail address ready.

The ability to search within a category is quite helpful. Let’s say, for example, you are searching “Mitsubishi.” Want a car? Go for the automotive section. A new TV? Head for electronics. Want to read blog reviews? Use the blog category.

SearchMe allows users to filter out adult content. You can also
choose between a day or night theme.

The Website looks slick. And it should. Over $31 million has been raised for the visual search engine.

Built on Adobe Flex, I think the sky’s the limit for this dot com. The only thing left is for the company to ramp up the index process. Right now only 1 billion pages have been crawled.

I’m looking forward to reading your comments on this impressive beta.