ImpreMedia Teams Up With Newstogram To Offer A Personalized Web Experience

Much ink has been spilled and pixels published (eh?) over how communication and shareability are are the ultimate goals in creating the ideal online experience. However, many websites and online magazines would argue that the next step in curating the best experience possible for their readers is personalization. So we spoke a bit with Eduardo Hauser, CEO of DailyMe and creator of Newstogram, to learn a bit more what this sort of personalization might actually look like. He was kind enough to walk us through a demo of some of his company’s recent work, particularly with ImpreMedia, the online publisher of Spanish-language newspapers such as El Diario.
What DailyMe’s Newstogram offers its clients is a means of tracking what content their customers, as individuals, are most interested in reading. Their technology track and gathers data for publishers on what and how their visitors are consuming content based on their actions — not on self-reported data, the way many other sites do, which can be less reliable and focuses on readership as a whole rather than the individual experience. Publishers can then use that data to make personalized content recommendations for users. Hauser gave Pandora, iTunes Genius, Netflix and of examples of companies who provide a similar experience.
The technology, explained Hauser, works as follows:
Newstogram uses behavior tracking, content analysis and collaborative filtering to gather its date on a particular site visitor, then runs this information through a prediction engine, which presents highly relevant content specially geared towards that visitor.

We asked at what point the information gathered by Newstogram becomes relevant for publishers — Does it keep track of every visitor’s actions and searches, even one-time readers? — and Hauser explained that they believe tracking patterns start “at the fourth click.” So if you click through, say, enough times, you will eventually notice a box around the middle of the site’s homepage labeled “Noticias Para Ti” (News for You), filled with relevant content based on what you’ve read on the site before.

Monica Lozano, CEO of ImpreMedia, also notes the impact that information culled by Newstogram can have for advertisers:

The ability to now offer a highly personalized experience on our site is critical to meeting consumer needs. By implementing Newstogram, we have a detailed understanding of our user’s interests and a better way to present content that promotes site engagement plus marketers looking to reach Hispanics will now have enhanced ad targeting. The news industry is changing, and new technologies like Newstogram are going to keep us ahead.

Newstogram has several more partnerships underway (they’re still hush-hush for the moment, but we can tell you they’re collaborating with some pretty big names), so we’ll be sure to feature more in the very near future on how they aim to improve the experience of keeping informed and having fun online.