Import Your MySpace Profile With SpaceLift

Are you an ex-MySpace user that is tired of logging into your MySpace to view your profile. Thanks to Jess Martin and Drew Chen you won’t have to do that again. The new SpaceLift application enables users to import their MySpace profile directly into the SpaceLift application. You can also click through each of your friends and view their profiles within Facebook.

My first time through I received an error. After emailing the developers of the application, I came back later and everything seemed to be working smoothly. My profile was successfully lifted even though my MySpace page currently has a template. The only thing that I think is lacking from this application is the ability to view your Facebook friends’ MySpace pages. Personally, I no longer use MySpace. The only purpose of using this application for me is to check up on the profiles of those friends which have yet to hop on the Facebook bandwagon.

While most of my friends have hopped on the Facebook bandwagon, there are a few that I am not in direct contact on a frequent basis and they have failed to convert. I’m sure they’ll move over soon enough! If you want to import your MySpace profile, go check out the MySpace SpaceLift application.