iMovie for iPad a Winner: Sample 20 Second Video Demo's 5 iMovie Features

iMovie 1.0 was released for the iPhone 4 last summer. It provided a few basic video editing capabilities and the ability to upload video files directly to video sites like YouTube (this has never worked reliably for me). Its recent upgrade to version 1.2 turns it into a Universal app that works on both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 (the iPad 1 does not have a camera). It is priced at $4.99. But, if you bought it for your iPhone 4, the upgrade is free and is installable on your iPad 2.
iMovie 1.2 (iTunes App Store)
The video you see embedded above is the result of my first test of using the iPad 2’s video recording capability and iMovie for iPad. Here’s what you see demonstrated in this 20 second video.
1. Import a still photo taken with the iPad 2 to use as the initial image seen in the video
2. Overlay title text over the still image
3. Trimming the end of the video so it ends with the rabbit scampering away
4. Fade to black effect at the end of the video
5. The voice over was added using iMovie after the video was recorded
There you go! Five iMovie for iPad features were used to produce this little 20 second long sample video.
Multiple attempts to upload the video directly from the iPad 2 to YouTube over a stable WiFi connection failed. I ended using iTunes to copy the file from the iPad to a Mac and then uploading to YouTube using a web browser.
Using iMovie on the iPad is a lot easier than on the iPhone 4. The much bigger screen and faster dual core processor contributes a lot the improved experience. I was somewhat surprised how much better it is too instantly preview photos and videos on the iPad’s larger display too.
iMovie for the iPad gets a big thumbs up of approval from me despite the YouTube upload problem.