iMockup Points the Way to a New Class of Instantly Available Productivity Apps

YouTube video courtesy of modmax77

I may be one of relatively few people genuinely excited about the prospects of Apple’s iPad. I believe we’re going to see some very cool and relatively affordable apps emerge. And, the most important aspect is that these apps will be instantly available when you need them (vs. waiting for desktops, notebooks, and netbooks to boot or even wake from sleep). Here’s one that illustrates this point:

Endloop is proud to announce iMockups, a gorgeous, rapid wireframing and layout app designed exclusively for the iPad.

There are, of course, software products for the desktop/notebook that let you quickly layout what a web page or iPhone app might look like. But, desktops are not mobile, notebooks can take a while to boot or wake from sleep, and the iPhone’s screen is too small for this kind of design work.

I’m really looking forward to a new way to work with productivity and entertaiment apps that are available in a second or two instead of 30 seconds to a minute (or more).

Via MacRumors: Promising iPad Apps: Mixr and iMockups