iMob 2 adds strong community features to well-worn text RPG gameplay

iMob 2, the latest release from YCombinator-backed developer Addmired, doesn’t deviate significantly from its predecessor iMob, or really any game of its type available both on the App Store and on Facebook. But it does add quite a bit in the way of new social functionality.

It is a text-based RPG in which players take on the role of a member of the Mafia by completing criminal jobs, battling other players and beating bosses in order to grow their own power, collection of items, property portfolio and income stream.

Gameplay is menu-driven and simple to understand. Jobs can be undertaken simply by tapping on a “Do Job” button, which rewards the player with experience points and, occasionally, items in exchange for energy. Leveling up provides access to a wider variety of jobs, most of which require the possession of a specific item, and points to spend on player attributes, making them more effective at fighting. Despite the violent or criminal nature of the jobs the player performs, there is no graphic violence in the game. There are, however, sound effects which depict the action aurally.

The main difference Addmired is playing up with this game are the new social features. They include the ability to recruit other players to join one’s “Mob,” which bring increased fighting power.

Alongside the old ability to post Bulletin messages to Mob members and comment on player profiles, there’s now real-time chat. This lets players talk with the entire game world along with friends on their contact list. They can also chat or smack talk with members of their “Family” (groups of up to 50 players who have chosen to team up) or in public chat rooms. To prevent spam in the World Chat page, players have to use Megaphone items to make postings. A dedicated Social tab in the game lets players quickly find and add new members to their Mob. (This will hopefully cut down on the number of App Store reviews that are simply players posting their friend codes.) Taking on a “VIP Subscription” also allows players to display their friend code prominently within the app, allowing them the opportunity to quickly grow their Mob and gain power.

Monetization for the game is handled through the sale of Respect points via in-app purchase. These points can be used to refill energy, buy additional chips for use in the game’s casino minigames and buy more powerful character classes. They can also go toward re-specializing ability points acquired through leveling up, acquiring Megaphone items for posting in World Chat and buying various “Disrespect” and “Execution” moves used to humiliate enemies. Additional casino chips can also be acquired by connecting the player’s account to Facebook, Twitter and an email address. Joining an in-game Family is encouraged, as purchasing a Respect package provides benefits to other Family members of sufficient ranking.

You can follow iMob 2’s progress through the App Store charts with AppData, our tracking service. At the time of writing, the game can be found at No. 97 in the Top Free Apps chart, No. 56 in the Top Free Games chart and No. 281 in the Top Grossing Games chart.