Imgur Survey Finds Millennials Are Cool With Being Geeky

Culture poll shows why it's so hard to market to them

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In 2004, a band called Say Hi To Your Mom came out with "Pop Music of the Future," which presciently describes the modern geek from the perspective of the ever-migrating millennial moving to Brooklyn and beyond.

"she's got a loft space 

takes the L train to Bedford

runs with some cool kids

that are actors, but dress like nerds"

Of course, the cool/nerd vibe has not disappeared and can now be found elsewhere around America in places like Iowa and Alabama. In fact, it's arguable that a decade later, hipsterdom has gone from upstream to mainstream. 

A new survey by Imgur seems to point to just that, as more and more millennials self-identify as being "geeks"—in a good way. According to Steve Patrizi, Imgur's vp of marketing and revenue, they're more politically and culturally engaged and more likely to be an earlier adopter of tech. However, they're also harder to reach and have a higher standard for marketing than non-geeks.

"This is going to be the customer set that many of us are going to be marketing to for decades, and they are remarkably different from other segments of millennials and previous generations," Patrizi said. 

Here's a look at what Imgur learned about "millennial geeks" from its survey:

@martyswant Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.