Imeem Site Redesign, Intros New Features Too

For those who are not aware, Imeem is another big social network aside from the big two MySpace and Facebook. It’s in the line of Tagged, Orkut and Bebo. Sadly we don’t really get to hear some buzz about them or anything coming from them. Until now, as Imeem joined the likes of Facebook, Friendfeed and the other big sites which have gone a redesign of their sites. As a bonus, Imeem has even introduced several new features to its site namely, Spotlight, Discover, Browse and Artist Page.

Imeem’s Spotlight page obviously highlights user-generated and uploaded content into the site including video, music, and other entertainment stuff. The Imeem Spotlight features the hottest content on the site for the day be it music, videos, album exclusives and celebrity playlists.

The Discover page on the other hand gives Imeem users the facility to recommend music, videos, artists and people based on what they and the other Imeem members are listening to and watching. It’s an automatic recommendation feature based on the continued analysis of Imeem’s algorithms on members’ likes, dislikes and who their friends and favorite artists are.

The Browse page provides a facility for browsing music, videos and photos based on their popularity in the whole Imeem community via a graphical chart. It serves as a filtering mechanisms for browsing selected contents uploaded into the Imeem site.

And finally, Imeem has also introduced the Artist Pages where fans can search about new artists’ music, videos and other stuff about them posted by the Imeem community. The artists pages can contain the complete catalog of music and videos. Members can also see who are the other fans of a particular artist.

It’s good to know that “other” social networks like Imeem continues to improve on what they currently offer. This also goes to show that the social networking niche is not being dominated by two or three big social networks. That there are still other social networks which are just waiting for us all to discover, use and embrace just like we do with either MySpace or Facebook. In a way these other social networks can serve as a breather from the saturated world of the said two big social networks.