imeem Launches Application on Android

It looks like the Android press releases are rolling out tonight. The second social network to announce support for Android this evening is imeem. The application provides many of the features currently available on the imeem website. Users can browse through music and create their own custom radio stations. What’s not clear is whether or not users can listen to the full songs.

The application integrates directly with the on-site experience, making the music that people listen to on the go, influence applications on the site. While Pandora has not launched a similar version of their application on Android yet, any launch by them would most definitely be seen as competition. Pandora has been highly successful on the iPhone, providing users with full-song streaming capabilities.

This is the first music service that I have seen launch on the Android Market. Unfortunately the first Google phone that will be launching on T-Mobile has yet to be released so we have no way of testing out the Android applications. The current implementation of imeem for Android appears to be extremely simple, focused entirely on user playlists rather than full social networking functionality (messaging, profiles, etc).

The social network battle for dominance on mobile devices is in full swing and there’s no doubt that this trend will continue for the next few months as carriers decide what platforms to use for their own applications. It will be interesting to see how this battle plays out, but it’s definitely exciting to see another large social network enter the mobile space.