Bruce Willis Squeaks Onto IMDB’s Top 25

Posted today, the names and titles populating IMDB’s user-generated lists of 2010’s Top 25 Movies and Movie Stars are all fairly predictable. But Bruce Willis?!

Somehow, the 55-year-old chrome-domed David Letterman sidekick managed to score the #19 spot on the website’s 2010 StarMeter rankings. This despite the fact that Kevin Smith, the director of the actor’s opening salvo for the year, Cop Out, got into a pissing match with critics via Twitter.

The key to Willis’ ranking is actually his second movie of the year, Red, a far better out-of-retirement action yarn than Sly’s much hyped The Expendables. Since opening in October, it has quietly made just under $90 million domestically, and in terms of D.C. Comics adaptations, the only things ahead of it all-time are Watchmen, Batman and Superman.

“Some things never go out of style, and Willis appears to be one of them,” says the IMDB StarMeter blurb for the charismatic star. Here at FBLA, we have a shorter means of endorsement: “Yippee kai yai, IMDB users!”