IMDb for Android 1.5 Update New Features at Odds with Each Other: OS 1.0 Design Choice from 2008 Still Biting Android Users in 2011

IMDb (Internet Movie Database – owned by is one of the best resources for movie and TV show fans. The already good IMDb for Android received a major update recently.

IMDb 1.5 for Android

The 1.5 update brings the ability to (finally) install/move the app from the extremely limited system memory to the SD storage card. This, unfortunately, is at odds with the new IMDb news widget that does NOT work if the app is installed on the SD card.

Once again, the Android OS 1.0 design choice to limit installation to system RAM way back in 2008 is biting us in 2011 when using Android OS 2.x. Will Android OS 3.0 (currently limited to tablets) address the app installation space problem? Or, does Google still need to perform a major platform redesign to fix this?