Imba’s Gladelings for Facebook Whisks Players Away to a Land of Bears and Caves

Gladelings from Imba is an adventure game set in a magical forest environment that combines elements of role-playing with traditional Facebook game activities like farming and decoration.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Gladelings currently has 19,509 monthly active users and 606 daily active users.

Players of Gladelings are in charge of a group of its titular characters, which are bear-like creatures that live in a forest glen. The game begins with players in control of one Gladeling, but this number can grow. The objective is to utilize the Gladelings in four different mini-games (including spelunking and a slingshot-based challenge) in order to collect gold and valuable gems. Training them on various apparatuses akin to gym equipment can enhance the abilities of the Gladelings. For example, working out their antennae can enable them to see farther in dark caves, while exercising their feet make them move faster, thus providing more time to potentially collect riches.

Various trees can be planted in the player’s glen, the fruit of which can be harvested at timed intervals and combined to make juices used in training the Gladelings. The game’s shop also offers deco items for customizing the glen. The glen houses a few different important locations, including spots where players can view the juice and riches they’ve amassed and even convert the latter into gold, which is used to enter the mini-games. Performing actions in the game also rewards the player with experience points, and new areas of the game world’s map are unlocked as players grow in experience.

Social features include sharing accomplishments to other Facebook users’ Walls, gifting, and visiting the glens of friends that are playing the game in order to collect special fruit once a day. Gladelings is monetized via the use of Facebook Credits to purchase gold — a direct way to buy items from the game’s shop — and various gems, fruit and other elements of the game’s recipes.

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