iMarker – a Stylus for the Preschool Set

If you worry about small children stabbing their fingers into your iPad, then you might want to get them this stylus. Crayola has partnered with Griffin to make its own version of a drawing app as well as a stylus to go with it.

The app has 30 pages for kids to color, and it offers dozens of colors that you can draw with a crayon, marker, paintbrush, or colored pencil. users can also create their own pages with built-in animations, music, and clip art. The app also lets you share drawings by email or on Facebook. It’s not too stable yet, and early reviews suggest that it doesn’t respond well users. But the app worked okay for me.

Crayola ColorStudio HD is free in iTunes, and you can buy the stylus from Griffin for $30. But if you want a cheaper option you can find a wide variety of iPad compatible stylus on