Imagining a Day of Your ‘Smartest’ Life With CES’s Most Bizarre Gadgets

The trade show's lineup includes everything from 'smart' fishing poles to connected litter boxes

A self-cleaning litter box is one of many more outlandish smart gadgets at CES this year. Lavviebot
Headshot of Patrick Kulp

With CES underway in Las Vegas this week, the world is once again being treated to the vast array of everyday household items that the industry has decided—sometimes inexplicably—can be improved with some cutting-edge tech and a web connection.

The so-called Internet of Things seems to expand every year, and 2019 is already no exception with new smart devices ranging from self-cleaning litter boxes to smart fishing poles making their debut at the massive trade show.

By way of rounding up some of the more outlandish of these smart products, we imagined what a hypothetical day in the life might look like were you a gadget-crazed early adopter who owned every smart device being pitched at the conference.

7:00 a.m.: You are awakened by a gradual rise in the temperature of your Moona smart pillow, indicating that it’s time to start the day. But the warmth of your Xenoma and Nishikawa Sangyo smart sheets, calibrated via ankle band, is just so inviting.

7:10 a.m.: You finally pull off your Hupnos smart sleep mask and ask your Reverie smart bed to recline so that you can get up. You yawn; another night of sound sleep thanks to the brainwave measurements your Urgonight smart headband took the day before.

7:25 a.m.: You ask your U by Moen smart shower to turn off as you step out. You instruct your Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet to play a Spotify playlist as its seat warms up. Your Simplehuman smart mirror brightens its light as you stare into it, giving your teeth a quick 10-second brush with FasTeesH’s Y-Brush.

7:30 a.m.: You open your LG Styler smart wardrobe and pull out your perfectly clean, wrinkle-free outfit: a silky-smooth, sensor-equipped smart suit from Xenoma.

7:35 a.m.: Cauldryn smart mug of coffee in hand, you’re rushing out the door when you suddenly tumble to the ground. You tripped over your cat as it darted out of its PurrSong LavvieBot smart litterbox, which then proceeded to clean itself. You text a family member that you’re alright despite the fall alert they received from your E-Vone smart shoes. An Ecovacs floor-cleaning AI rushes in to clean up the spilled coffee.

7:37 a.m.: Nothing wounded but your pride, you ask your Kwikset Premis smart doorknob to lock up and then walk to your Byton smart car, which unlocks upon recognizing your face. You tell it to direct you to Starbucks.

9:01 a.m.: You feel a sense of accomplishment at the number of steps clocked on your Garmin fitness watch in the walk from your car to your office, but your L’Oreal My Skin Track detects some sweat under your arm. You vow to use your JaxJox smart kettleball and FightCamp smart boxing studio more often.

1:00 p.m.: A Continental autonomous shuttle pulls up outside your office and a pack of robotic dogs file out. One of them brings you your lunch.

2:30 p.m.: Your Welt smart belt detects a slight expansion in your waistline from the sandwich you ate.

3:30 p.m.: Zoning out, you stare longingly at the Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor by your desk, remembering the precise weights of the various fish you’ve caught at your nearby saved hotspots—all recorded and shared by the Cyberfishing app.

5:35 p.m.: On the way home, you use an app to check on the stew your Gourmia smart multi-cooker is making back in your kitchen. You watch on your PetCube smart camera as your cat’s Mokkie smart bowl recognizes its face and unseals its food.

7:15 p.m.: As you eat your dinner, your Miliboo smart sofa vibrates underneath you in-sync with its surround-sound system and the action in the movie playing on the LG smart TV unrolled on the wall. You tell your couch to switch its under-glow color to purple.

8:00 p.m.: Your Whirlpool smart dryer app tells you it has finished your laundry and you move the load to your Foldimate to be automatically folded.

8:15 p.m.: You’re uploading photos to an app on your Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator when your smart doorbell rings. You open the camera view on your fridge screen and see another smart delivery bot at the door. Sensing you were running low on beer, your DrinkShift refrigerator has ordered you another pack.

9:30 pm.: You ask your refrigerator to dim your smart lights and you head to bed.

@patrickkulp Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter at Adweek.