7 Images to Tweet for Better Engagement

7 Images To Tweet For Better Engagement

It has become common knowledge among digital marketing pros that images perform exceptionally well on social media. They get more shares, clicks, retweets and comments than most other types of posts. In fact, research by Twitter’s own media blog revealed that tweets with photos generated 35% more retweets than average.

So how are you leveraging the power of images in your tweets? If you’re stuck for ideas, here are 7 types of images that you can tweet to get yourself some more engagement.

1. Behind the scenes photos. What happens behind closed doors is a tempting mystery to most people. If you tweet images of your life – whether it’s your recent holiday office party, the crazy snowstorm happening outside your door or your adorable new puppy – you’re bound to satisfy people’s curiosity and earn yourself some decent engagement.

2. Quotes and words of wisdom. One of the most popular types of content on social media, in addition to images, is quotations. Famous quotes, proverbs and words of wisdom are shared like wildfire. So it stands to reason that there is no more winning combination than quotes overlaid onto images if you’re looking for retweets.

3. Visual preview of your content. Want more people to read your ebook or download your whitepaper? Don’t simple tweet a link to the content – grab a screenshot of the front cover, an interesting graphic or excerpt, and tweet that! This will make your content appear more prominent in people’s timelines, and will encourage more clicks.

4. Live events. Tweeting photos of a live event is a great way to network with others at the event, and to show your followers the types of events you attend. Think conferences, trade shows and networking dinners. If the event has a hashtag, use this when you tweet your photos for an even larger boost in retweets.

5. Photos of people you’re connected with (or want to be). Twitter now allows users to tag their friends in photos. By default, anyone with a public profile can be tagged in a photo, so you can strategically use this functionality to network with accounts that you want to see more engagement from. And best of all, tagging doesn’t take up any of your 140-characters, so you’ve got room to share your thoughts as well as a tagged photo.

6. Share photos of your customers. What better way to engage with your customers than to feature them on your Twitter account? By putting the spotlight on their content, you’ll let them know that you’re listening to what they tweet. When they see that you’ve retweeted their images, they’ll be more likely to tune in to your future tweets.

7. Go ahead. Tweet a selfie. As much as the term might make you a little nauseous, selfies are still some of the most common photos shared on the social web. From mirror selfies to pregnant selfies to no-makeup selfies, we truly are part of a selfie-obsessed world. Why not embrace it?

(Smartphone food photo image via Shutterstock)