Image Management Played a Role in Amanda Knox Case

Knox speaking at a Seattle airport upon her return from Italy. Photo: EPA

With her conviction overturned, the media race is on to see who will get the first interview with Amanda Knox. While it seems like the frenzy is just beginning, the PR effort actually started a long time ago.

According to The New York Times, Knox’s family hired a crisis firm after she was arrested in 2007, Gogerty Marriott in Seattle), to shift her image from “she-devil” to a nice college girl with a wholesome background, a shift that some believe helped Knox reach Monday’s positive legal outcome.

“…Sadly what you’ve seen parading as news has been a major public relations campaign,” said Shelly Ross, a former TV news executive who spoke with Access Hollywood. (Another former exec classified the broadcast news race for the first interview as “cutthroat” and “brutal.”)

With a new image and new freedom, there are opportunities aplenty for Knox, including talks of books, films, and that TV interview, which could net her lots of cash. Even with these opportunities, Glenn Selig, president and CEO of Selig Multimedia(he’s worked with clients like former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich), told the CBC that Knox “isn’t calling all the shots.” Rather, there is a shelf-life to this story; interest will wane when the next big story comes along. Until then, Selig cautions Knox to be careful about her words and actions because she will be watched and scrutinized, particularly by those who still believe she’s guilty.

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