I'm Not Addicted to Facebook!

Facebook Addict ScreenshotGiven that I spend countless hours on Facebook, I’d imagine that calling me a “Facebook Addict” wouldn’t be too far off. I mean it is pretty much my job at this point. According to the FB Addict application though, I am not hooked on Facebook. My qualification for a Facebook addict? If you add this application to check, you probably are a Facebook addict. The factors used by this application to determine whether or not you are an addict are: entering your gender, being part of a network, recency of profile editing, filling all of your profile, having a popular wall and posting lots of notes.

Entering your gender accounts for one sixth of your Facebook addiction? I have to disagree with their model. I would base your addiction on time spent on Facebook, number of status updates, number of messages sent and number of applications installed. All of these things can’t be tracked by applications though so they had to use another model. While this may not be the most accurate model for measuring your addiction, close to 15,000 people used this application yesterday and over 150,000 users have add the application in total.

If you want to check if you are an Facebook addict based on the FB Addict model, go install the FB Addict application. If you disagree with their model, what do you think are the tell tale signs of Facebook addiction?