I’m My Own Grandpa: The Magazine


Nothing immediately breaking in this recent article in Ad Age, but it does put up even more flags of curiosity. Looks like there won’t be any more slow down in the amount of bed hopping the industry will be doing this year, which might mean there’s a possibility that a small group could be snatched up by someone huge and make a mint doing what’s already being done, or, and this seems to happen much more often, if you work for a magazine, there’s a chance there’s someone in Cleveland who already does your job and, if you don’t mind, your company would like to free up a couple of chairs. Here’s a rundown:

About two-thirds of media and financial executives surveyed predicted that mergers and acquisitions activity would increase in 2006, AdMedia said. (That would, of course, be great news for AdMedia, which makes much of its money facilitating such deals.) Only 5% foresaw a slowdown.

Respondents also predicted that much of the activity they foresee is likely to cross sectors. “Demand for digital content was clear in both the survey data and open-ended comments, and we expect to see more acquisitions of cross-media partners by traditional media companies,” said Mark Edmiston, managing director. “Down the road, tightening of lending criteria and potential increases in capital gains tax rates could make M&A less attractive, but in 2006 conditions remain favorable.”

Fewer than half the respondents, however, said they believe there are a healthy number of acquisition targets.