Im In Like With You on Facebook

I'm In Like With YouThe popular dating site, I’m in Like With You (IILWY), has launched a Facebook application. The application displays the questions that you ask on your IILWY profile. This is a great example of integration of an outside social network within Facebook. When I checked out integration with my own profile it was fairly limited. All it does is display a random selection of games that are active on the site. It would be great if you could answer IILWY questions directly from the profile as well as display a snippet of your profile. Given that this is one of the first integrations of another social network within Facebook I can’t be overly critical, but there is definitely more that could be offered. One added benefit of installing the application is that you can sign up for the site through Facebook, whereas before the site was invite only. This will most likely provide a boost to their user base. If you are on IILWY or if you want an I’m in like with you invite, go check out the application.