ILookLikeYou Wants to Unite the World One Face at a Time

I’m sure everyone of us had once in our lifetime been told that we look exactly like someone else. It may be a movie star, a politician or some ordinary individual.Here’s a fact (according to the ILookLikeYou About page) – for the world’s six billion people, each one of us have at least six look-alikes or body doubles. Now, what are the chances that you’d find your look-alike? ILookLikeYou may help you find exactly who these six people are.

ILookLikeYou utilizes a facial recognition technology which automates the search for matching faces. It recognizes faces in two dimensional images and then measure the various features of each face. These dimensions are then stored as computed code which are then compared to millions of other faces.

By providing a technology and platform to do this, ILookLikeYou is aiming to unite the world one face at a time. It can be a meeting ground for anybody wanting to find their look-alike or perhaps twin. It can be a good tool to form a community with common goals and objectives.

ILookLikeYou poses endless possibilities that could lead to greater good, and not just finding your look-alike or twin. Who knows, it can someday fulfill its overaching goal of uniting the world, one face at a time, while at the same time, providing a source of fun to all of us.

So, anybody here who looks like Me, Andrew or Maris?