Ilium Software Provides One Price for eWallet 7 on Any Supported Device You Have! Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Windows, Mac, iPhone

Straight from the Ilium Software blog…

eWallet 7 Is Now Available!

And, here’s some really amazing news from what I considered to be an exceptionally enlightened company: Now, for $19.95, you can use eWallet on any device we support. No extra versions. No extra purchases. When you buy eWallet it’s for you — not your device. This is true even for iPhone users (see the information here for details on how this works for iPhone.)

This is pretty amazing. Let me say it my way even though Ilium is crystal clear on the subject: For one price ($19.95), you can run eWallet on any device they support and you own. This includes Windows for the PC, Windows Mobile, or BlackBerry. There’s even a special upgrade techique for iPhone users going through iTunes to purchase the app. This price even includes access to a preview release for the Mac!

By the way, if you own an older version of eWallet, the upgrade price is $10. Can’t beat that.

I am stunned. This is a first as far as I can tell (one price for versions for all supported platforms). Bravo, Ilium Software! A classy move from a classy company.