Ilium Software Interview: How A Small Company Tackles the Mobile Market

This is part two of five parts of my interview with Ellen Craw of Ilium Software. Click to read Part One.

Today I continue my interview with Ellen Craw of Ilium Software. Ilium Software is a small business of nine full-time employees that sells programs for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS mobile devices and Windows and Macintosh desktop computers. It began in 1997 selling programs for Windows CE, the forefather of Windows Phone 7 Series, which developers are learning more about at this week’s MIX conference.

Do your developers write for all of the platforms that you have products, or are they divided up? If they are divided up, which platform has the most developers?

We change what platforms people work on depending on our priorities at any time. All the developers are very experienced in Windows and Windows Mobile already; right now we’re spinning up people on other platforms.

How did the company decide to develop products for a second platform?

When we decided to add Palm, which was our second platform, it was the only other widely adopted mobile device. We had a lot of requests for it, as people switched from their Windows Mobile device to Palm, or wanted to share their information with a family member who had a Palm.