iLike, TuneCore Strike Up Indie Band Partnership


iLike, a social-networking-enabled music company best-known for its Facebook and iTunes add-ons, joined forces with music distribution company TuneCore, CNET News reports, in an effort to let unsigned artists market their music through iLike and get streaming royalties.

So does this have anything to do with MySpace Music? “Not at all,” said iLike CEO Ali Partovi in the article. “We’ve been in dialogue [with TuneCore], I think, since February… We’ve been fans of each others’ companies for a long time, trying to work out a way to work with each other, and this was well under way before all of that (MySpace Music) surfaced. We generally have tried to focus on what we’re doing ourselves, not to do things in response.”

The report said that TuneCore already lets independent artists sell their music through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Rhapsody, the latter ofwhich has a deal with iLike (along with Yahoo and MTV).