iLands is Like Minecraft, on Facebook, for Free

ilands 650Fans of Minecraft that don’t want to pay for the game have Yacko’s iLands on Facebook as an alternative. In this persistent 3D game, players are given a rotating selection of block types for free each week, or can pay one price to unlock them all. Once they’re ready to build, players use the scroll wheel or the number keys to select their block type, and simply click to place them in the world, building small and quaint or grand and impressive structures, one block at a time.

Movement is controlled with the arrow keys or WASD keys, while space allows one to jump. Right-clicking enables delete mode, which allows players to delete any blocks they’ve placed, or those that came stock in the game world itself. There’s no item quantity to deal with, like in Survival mode of Minecraft. Instead, this can be thought of as a creative building experience, complete with contests on the game’s fan page, searching for the best builds.

In addition to building, players can simply explore the land, discovering trees, caves, ponds, oceans and more, like in Minecraft. However, there isn’t a need to do so, as deleting trees doesn’t reward players with extra wood, for instance.

For $3.99, players unlock the full block inventory, remove ads, and receive fly mode for building structures faster. Without this, players must jump manually to reach high platforms, which can be time consuming on larger builds.

iLands is available to play for free on Facebook, and is also available on Android and iOS devices. The iOS game launched on September 9.